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Carpo 4D

The Carpo 4D is a powerful outdoor 4-wheel scooter equipped with a bright LCD screen with various indicators.

Electric adjustable bed Vermeiren interval 3

Electric adjustable bed, four parts (wooden sides) Length 2080mm, width 1030mm, maximum user weight 140kg.

Thresholds configurable ramp

Configurable thresholds ramp for different heights. It can be used in different sizes, with a very easy adjustment. Price for

Rapido Electric Wheelchair

Rapido combines comfort with technology. Rapido can be best characterized as “all-in-one”. Comfort, technology and design go hand in hand.

Squod stand-up electric wheelchair

Additional fees for: Se52 backrest back reclining (manual adjustment); Aa2 backrest back reclining (with pneumatic springs); Se04 chin support +

Forest electric wheelchair for children

It is a version of the wheelchair with the same name, adapted for children: Has excellent rear wheels suspension, installed

Wheelchair with electric drive Forest Kids 10

The Forest Kids 10 electric wheelchair is a children’s wheelchair for indoor and outdoor use, ideal for overcoming obstacles. The

28-Double X consolidated frame wheelchair

Created for patients with higher body weight. Comfortable and solid. This wheelchair has a double X support system and can

Inovys positioning wheelchair

Due to its reclining options, the INOVYS wheelchair allows you to have an ideal position all the time. Both the

708DT30 Transportation Wheelchair

Standard transportation wheelchair with removable armrests and footrests. Size: Height (cm): 92. Length (cm): 104. Weight (kg): 16. Width (cm):

Express2000 electric wheelchair

Electric wheelchair with a microprocessor. It is easy to handle, with minimal effort for the highest degree of comfort. The