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Chair Topper®

Load, transport and retrieve your folding frame wheelchair using a roof top box. Simple, convenient and space saving. Think of

Folding auto ramp

Climbing and descending from car will not be a burden anymore. Swedish quality ramp is here. Advantajes: ¤ It handles

Portable Kvitsberga ramps

Portable rails mainly for manual wheelchairs. The ramps are equipped with handles and transportation lock, which makes them easy to

Thresholds configurable ramp

Configurable thresholds ramp for different heights. It can be used in different sizes, with a very easy adjustment. Price for

Verticalizer Activall

Dynamic Verticaliser This device allows you to maintain your vertical position, making it easier to move. Recommended for children, adolescents

Verticalizer CAT 2

Cat 2 is a very flexible verticalizer for children. Besides verticalization, it allows positions like lying on the belly or