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9042 toilet chair

Foldable toilet chair.

9063 toilet chair

Fixed toilet chair.

Grace bath chair

Grace, shower/bath chair, with wall mounting. It does not take up space in the bath/shower because it can be folded

Iris foldable grab bars

Designed for those who need support when going to the toilet. Equipped with toilet paper support. Width: 10 cm; Length:

Ivy bathtub rail

Offers additional safety when entering and leaving the bathtub. Easily installed and locked on most types of bathtubs due to

Jinny shower stool

All of our chairs are ideal for shower, bathtub or other humid environments. They are specially designed for preventing slipping

Kate shower transfer chair

Width: 83 cm; Depth: 61 cm; Height: 80-91 cm; Seat width: 69 cm; Seat height: 47-58 cm; Weight: 4.5 kg;

Liddy push up frame

Liddy offers you support when you are using the toilet. Width: 56 cm; Depth: 47 cm; Height: 73 cm; Weight:

Lilly shower stool

Easy to use, with a functional design. All chairs have an anti-slipping special coating, offering high safety for the user.

Lola shower stool

Width: 45 cm; Depth: 45 cm; Height: 62-79 cm; Backrest height: 29 cm; Seat width: 45 cm; Seat height: 36-52

Lory shower stool

Width: 45 cm; Depth: 45 cm; Height: 36-52 cm; Seat width: 45 cm; Seat depth: 34 cm; Weight: 2.10 kg;

Melbourne shower stool

Width: 48 cm; Depth: 56cm; Height: 72-82 cm; Backrest height: 37 cm; Seat height: 34-44 cm; Seat width: 41 cm;