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Batec Electric 2

This model offers the best of the original BATEC and the latest Batec handbike technology: reverse gear and all-in-one screen. The BATEC ELECTRIC 2 has the perfect balance with a 18” wheel and a new wider and ultra-grip exclusive tyre. Perfect for urban areas or the countryside.

Batec Hybrid 2

The Batec Hybrid hanbike brings together Batec Electric and Batec Manual technology in one product to offer the equivalent of

Batec Mini 2

The BATEC MINI 2 it is totally new and designed from scratch to create the most compact, transportable product possible.

Batec Scrambler 2

The BATEC SCRAMBLER is renewed with new electronics that optimize engine performance and constantly provide maximum power at any speed and on any terrain, allowing high speeds to be maintained even on very steep climbs. With a more motorcycle aesthetic and improved safety, the BATEC SCRAMBLER 2 is the perfect handbike for any terrain.

Electric hand bike Infinity

The Infinity electric hand bike is the perfect product for maximum mobility and flexibility.