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E-Drive Wheels

E-Drive will give you more freedom and make your everyday life easier. E-Drive can easily be fitted to manual wheelchairs

Express2000 electric wheelchair

Electric wheelchair with a microprocessor. It is easy to handle, with minimal effort for the highest degree of comfort. The

Forest electric wheelchair

It is a revolutionary model for electric wheelchairs. The rear wheels are installed on special springs and, together with the

Forest electric wheelchair for children

It is a version of the wheelchair with the same name, adapted for children: Has excellent rear wheels suspension, installed

Rapido Electric Wheelchair

Rapido combines comfort with technology. Rapido can be best characterized as “all-in-one”. Comfort, technology and design go hand in hand.

Squod electric wheelchair

An electric wheelchair to be used indoor/outdoor. The Soft version seat and backrest provide a feeling of comfort, regardless the

Squod stand-up electric wheelchair

19.300,00 lei
Additional fees for: Se52 backrest back reclining (manual adjustment); Aa2 backrest back reclining (with pneumatic springs); Se04 chin support +

Tracer electric wheelchair

Comfortable and sporty. The efficient backrest and seat offer appropriate support to the body and guarantee a high level comfort.