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Actreen Glys Set Nelaton

Actreen® Glys Set is a urinary catheter set designed for both female and male intermittent catheterization. The kit includes a

Actreen Hi-Lite Cath Nelaton

The Actreen® Hi-Lite Cath with Nelaton tip is a single-use, ready-to-use catheter for intermittent catheterization. Catheter pre-lubricated ready to use

Actreen Lite Nelaton

Easy to open thanks to the two-finger loops, designed for patients with reduced dexterity to open the sheath with one

Actreen Lite TIEMANN

These male Tiemann catheters are disposable intermittent catheterization catheters adapted for men who prefer the curved Nelaton tip. Medical PVC

Askina Transorbent

Transorbent® dry hydrogel technology has a patented design that ensures a unique absorption process. It is able to transfer fluid

FloCath Quick Nelaton

The silky hydrophilic layer, based on PVP (polyvinyl pyrrolidone), ensures fast and homogeneous hydration, superior gliding qualities, high biocompatibility and

Liquick Base Ergothan

It is equipped with a protective blue cap that allows aseptic insertion of the catheter without contact to reduce the


  • Perfect balance between flexibility and stiffness for easy insertion
  • It is pre-hydrated and ready to use
  • Smooth hydrophilic coating for easy insertion and withdrawal
  • The package opens very easily

Prontosa Wound Spray 75 ml

Cleansing and moisturizing superficial wounds and burns. It can be used for acute and chronic superficial wounds (skin injuries, bites,

Urinary management systems

Motivation distributes the following urinary products (subsidized by the health insurance system): –          Urinary catheters for women and men –         

Urimed Bag

Urimed® Bag Plus is a urine collection bag that meets the requirements of the European standard. The drain hole is

Urimed Strap 6855

Urimed® Straps are a pair of hook and loop fasteners designed to secure the leg bag.