The wheelchair must be prescribed in such a way as to meet the physical and functional needs of each individual user, and be accompanied by adequate training of the adult user or child, and the accompanying adult, for proper use and maximizing user independence. The lack of special adaptations and professional assessment, prescribing and training services can mean side effects for users, including permanent postural deformities and serious medical complications.

We are the only supplier in Romania of special equipment adapted to the needs of children with motor disabilities, including Cerebral Palsy (BMI).

Also, since July 1, 2012, we are the official distributor of Panthera wheelchairs (

Motivation Romania has a contract with all the County Health Insurance Houses in the country for the purchase by the insured of a wheelchair whose cost is fully borne by the House.

For more information on the production and distribution of wheelchairs, find the details of our regional teams on the Contact page.

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For information regarding services provided by Motivation, wheelchair users please call the toll free number: 0800.030.762. Free information and consultancy is available to help those with mobility disabilities receive a customized wheelchair that fits their needs. This number can be accessed from Romtelecom, UPC, Vodafone, Telemobil and Cosmote networks, Monday to Friday, between 9:00 and 16:00.

Motivation SRL can offer you the following types of wheelchairs:

Active wheelchairs (13)

Positioning wheelchairs (4)

Orthopedic wheelchairs with reclining backrest (2)