Motivation LLC is authorized by the Romanian Automotive Register since 2007 to perform vehicle adaptations for persons with mobility disabilities.

For orders and any information, please contact us by email or by phone:


0748 300 681 (Laurențiu Vișan)

0735 333 963 (Sorin Vieru)

Purpose of adaptation

Vehicle adaptations give persons with mobility disabilities the opportunity to drive a car, which results in a significantly increased degree of independence and improved quality of life. The adaptation enables the driver to control the car via a single handle for the gas and break commands. The adaptation system is certified by the Romanian Automotive Register.

Further benefits for persons with disabilities

Based on the legal documents that certify the degree of disability, and also the ownership of an adapted vehicle, persons with disabilities also benefit from the following*:

  • Payment waiver for the environmental tax (former registration tax).
  • Payment waiver for the vehicle’s tax.
  • Payment waiver for the road tax (Rovigneta).

Presentation of the adaptation

The adaptation consists of a brake/gas handle placed to the right of the driver’s seat. This is attached to a support which is installed on the driver’s chair rail. Two bars are connected to the handle. One bar engages the gas pedal and the other one the brake pedal.

Presentation of the adaptation

Other auto conex equipments

Price of vehicle adaptation

Motivation Titan@

The price of vehicle adaptation depends on the vehicle’s cubic capacity, as follows:

Capacity Price (VAT Included)
< 2000 cmc 1500 RON
2001 – 3000 cmc 2000 RON
>3000 cmc 2500 RON

In case a customer needs to schedule an appointment earlier than the first available date, there is an emergency fee of 200 RON (appointments subjected to availability).

Handytech Adaptation

The price of the service starts from 8679 lei.

Minimum technical requirements

Adaptation can be performed on a large number of vehicles which meet a set of technical requirements. Nevertheless, adaptation feasibility depends on the particularities of each vehicle. In order for us to confirm that we are able to adapt your vehicle, please contact us. Our staff will talk to you and determine whether adaptation is feasible for your car’s model/brand or for the vehicle you plan on purchasing. Please keep in mind that in order to have the right to certain benefits, the customer needs to be a person with disabilities who holds a disability certificate.

Order file

For submitting an adaptation order, please send us the following documents:

  • ID document
  • Documents to confirm ownership of the vehicle that is to be adapted, namely:
    • Identification document of the vehicle
    • Registration certificate issued by the Romanian authorities
    • Original identification document of the vehicle and the registration sheet from the country of origin (the two “briefs” in case of vehicles registered in another country)
    • Or invoice or sale-purchase agreement in case the vehicle has not yet been registered, issued on the name of the customer
  • Customer’s disability certificate (it is mandatory in order to claim the fiscal benefits given to vehicle drivers with mobility disabilities, in accordance with the Law)


In order to avoid any inconvenience, as well as crowding, vehicle adaptation is performed only by appointment. After making sure that you have or will have in due time all needed documents, contact us for an appointment at our center in Buda, Ilfov county. Our recommendation is for you to make the appointment as early as possible, due to the fact that the waiting list can be extended during busier periods of the year. If you are not present for your appointment on the scheduled date, the appointment will be cancelled and you will have to restart the entire process.


The installation is performed at the Motivation headquarters in Buda, Ilfov county. The process takes between 4 and 8 hours, based on the type of the vehicle. Due to the fact that the process of adaptation can be slowed down by the vehicle’s interior specific features, we ask you to give us exact information in regards with the vehicle which you want to adapt. Please take into account the fact that the space needed for adaptation can also be influenced by modifications or accessories installed in the vehicle by the owner. We would like to stress the fact that the final decision concerning the possibility of installing the device in accordance with the certification requirements will be taken on the spot, following the assessment of the vehicle which was scheduled for adaptation.

Customer opinions

Adrian returned to Motivation’s Car Adaptations service, after an equally pleasant experience with the first car he owned.