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708DA amputee wheelchair

Design with weight balancing items for persons with one or both legs amputated. It can be equipped with leg supports

EOS CARR active wheelchair

Pram with rigid super light titanium frame. By attention to combining aesthetics, functionality and quality, was born the new wheelchair

EOS3 CARR active wheelchair

From the attention to combine aesthetics, functionality and quality, was born the new ultra lightweight titanium fixed frame wheelchair EOS:

HAWK active wheelchair

The HAWK is a compact and sturdy wheelchair for active use. It comes with a solid frame, an ergonomic seat,

Panthera S3 swing active wheelchair

11.476,00 lei
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Panthera U3 light active wheelchair

12.910,00 lei
The U3 light is a wheelchair designed for the experienced active user who can handle a “tippy” wheelchair without anti-tip

Panthera X active wheelchair

29.713,00 lei
Panthera X has the chassis and back rest frame made in carbon fibre The carbon fibres fantastic lightness and strength

Quickie Helium active wheelchair

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Quickie Xenon2 FF active wheelchair

27.485,00 lei
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